How to manage your account?

As an NACM Member, you have the ability to manage your account. You must login to access your account. Once in the account you can check your CEU points, event attendance history, order history, change your login information and much more.

  1. 1. Login at with your user information.
  2. To login you can use the Member Login link at the top right corner of the website, the Check My Account link at the top of the website or the green Login button on the home page below the Join button.
  3. Enter your user information on the Logon Page.
    Once logged in click on the Check My Account link at the top of the website. You will see the main panel of the membership area which includes tabs for Directory, Events, Store and My Account. The My Account tab is where you manage your account. Use this area to view and update your information.
  4. You will use the menu links on the left to navigate through your account. Summary goes to the main page of your account which is the welcome page.
  5. Click on the Personal link to update your personal information like name, title, organization, email, phone and fax numbers. Edit your information then click the Save button to automatically update our records or click the Cancel button to leave the window.
  6. Click on the Address link to update your contact information like street address, city, state, preferred mailing address, email and phone number. Scroll down to check all of your information. Click the edit button to update your address. Make the edits and then click the Save button, this will automatically update our database with your information.
  7. Click on the Participation link to check your CEU Points participation. You will see the date, course, description and type of CEU accrued.
  8. Click on Meeting to see a list of the meetings you have attended or are registered for.
  9. Click on Order History to view your current orders. Use the View Order by dropdown to check recent orders, all orders, orders placed in the last six months or orders placed in the last year.
  10. Click on the ID & Password link to modify your logon. You can modify your current username or your password by adding the new information and clicking the Save button. Your record will be automatically updated.

Why Manage Your Account

Help us keep in touch with you by making sure your information is up-to-date. Login and update your information when you change jobs or get a promotion. It helps us keep the best possible records for you.

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